Our Mission: Learning to Soar

What We Do

Learn to live full, healthy lives: Supporting the development of the whole person
Learn to Learn: Stimulating curiosity, encouraging a love of learning and a desire to continue learning throughout life
Learn to relate, participate and care: Developing skills for active participation in society and promoting understanding of interdependence
Learn to think, know and understand: Reflecting and promoting the application of knowledge to new situations and making informed choices
Learn to create purposeful futures: Developing independence, pursuing individual and social goals and creating preferred futures
Learn to act ethically: Developing understanding about actions and consequences and accepting responsibility as thoughtful citizens

Our Values

We flourish in Community • We build Resilience • We encourage Responsibility • We celebrate Achievement • We nurture Creativity

Our Strategic Themes and Goals


ObjectivesTeachers of highest calibreParents as advocatesStudents as ambassadorsService-oriented Business Support StaffExcellent community reputation
OutcomesOutstanding teachers
who stay and teach
with excellence
High levels of parental
Positive behavioursOutstanding customer
Widely known that
teachers and business
support staff are highly
Inspiring learning spacesParents appreciate the
high level of expertise
of teachers and the
innovative and broad
range of programs for
achievement in their
chosen areas
Creative and
business systems and
Facilities can be hired
by the community
Extensive professional
learning opportunities
in a supportive learning
Families support the
School’s strategic direction
Active in service to the
Extensive professional
learning opportunities
in a supportive learning
School is visible in the
Enhanced philanthropic
A clear pathway for life beyond school

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