Our Mission: Learning to Soar

Our Values

• Community • Resilience • Responsibility • Achievement • Creativity •

Our School-wide SOARING Pedagogy

Our students are Learning To Soar when they are immersed in an environment that contains:

SOcial Learning

Social Learning is the principle that learning and behavior are infl uenced by the continuous relationships that students have with other people, particularly in their emotional, cognitive and psychosocial contexts.

Authentic Learning

The Authentic Learning principle recognises that students make connections between learning intentions and real life. It recognizes the interests of students, engages students at multiple entry points and the learning has real life purpose and relevance.

Reflective Learning

The Reflective Learning principle is the foundation that reflection, evaluation and analysis enhance student’s understanding, performance and success. It encompasses the use of metacognitive functions that encourage deeper thought and consideration of the value and effectiveness of a learning activity.

INdependent Learning

The Independent Learning principle demonstrates that learning is enhanced when individuals own and take responsibility for their learning. It encompasses autonomy, the initiation of independent study, self direction and student management of their own learning.

Generating Creative Learning

The Generating Creative Learning principle is enhanced through the incorporation of existing knowledge with new ideas based on experimentation and open-mindedness.

Our Plan for 2018 and beyond: Soaring Higher

For our community to Soar Higher we:

  • Learn: Stimulate curiosity, encourage a lifelong love of learning and cultivate individual strengths and passions
  • Live full, healthy lives: Support the development of the whole person to live well and with a sense of optimism and agency about the future
  • Relate, participate and care: Include and respect the humanity in all and develop a mindset and skills for active community enhancement
  • Think, know and understand: Reflecting and promoting the application of knowledge to new situations and making informed choices
  • Create purposeful futures: Develop independence, pursue individual and social goals and create preferred futures
  • Act ethically: Develop understanding about actions and consequences and accept responsibility as thoughtful and loving citizens

2018 Improvement Plan

Everyone in our school community has an appetite to do things better with a focus on:

  • Showcasing authentic achievement
  • Building even better results and learning outcomes
  • Strengthening an already strong community by providing first class service and building our connections