Principal’s Welcome

St John’s Grammar School has developed an enviable reputation for providing high quality educational experiences for ELC to Year 12 students in a student focused, Christian environment. The School brings together solid values, global thinking, creativity and authentic learning, with an achievement focus and an innovative School-wide pedagogy to deliver leading edge coeducation.

The inclusive and compassionate community of students, staff, parents and Board provides the ideal environment for fostering individual strengths, meeting individual needs and challenging the abilities of each child in a supportive and positive learning environment. St John’s Grammar recognises and respects the individual – differences, strengths, weaknesses and abilities – and guides each student, both academically and socially, towards fulfilling their individual potential at School and their life beyond.

I invite you to explore our School and to take the time to experience what St John’s Grammar has to offer your family. Participating in a tour of the School will allow you to gain an insight into our strengths, values and environment, the commitment we share towards your child, and the pride we take in contributing to each and every student’s development and future.

At St John’s Grammar School, every child learns to soar.

Cheryl Bauer

About the Principal

Cheryl Bauer is a student centred educator who has extensive experience and qualifications in education, management and interpersonal relationships. She has worked in country and city, co-educational, single sex, government and independent schools. In addition Cheryl has worked as a subject adviser and project officer in the Education Office and with student teachers at a University.

She believes that the education of children is the most important role in our society. Our children are our future and we have a responsibility to develop their skills, capabilities, knowledge, values and confidence to equip them for their future contribution to society. That belief brings her to the conclusion that schooling is more than academic results and requires a holistic approach to the development of individuals.

Cheryl believes that all children can be intelligent and powerful learners if schools can learn how to enable this. To make this a reality the areas Cheryl concentrates on are the relationship between teacher and learner, engagement of the student, negotiating with students and by providing a range of curriculum options.

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