Principal’s Welcome

St John’s Grammar School has developed an enviable reputation for providing high quality educational experiences for ELC to Year 12 students in a student focused, Christian environment. The School brings together solid values, global thinking, creativity and authentic learning, with an achievement focus and an innovative School-wide pedagogy to deliver leading edge coeducation.

The inclusive and compassionate community of students, staff, parents and Board provides the ideal environment for fostering individual strengths, meeting individual needs and challenging the abilities of each child in a supportive and positive learning environment. St John’s is a thriving, connected school where each student is guided to fulfil their academic, social, emotional and spiritual potential and inspired to lead positive and purposeful lives beyond our school gates. Part of our educational quest is to send out into the world young people who are well equipped to make the most of their own lives and committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

I invite you to explore our School and to take the time to experience what St John’s Grammar has to offer your family. Participating in a tour of the School will allow you to gain an insight into our strengths, values and environment, the commitment we share towards your child, and the pride we take in contributing to each and every student’s development and future.

At St John’s Grammar School, every child learns to soar.

Richard Anderson

About the Principal


Richard has been at St John’s Grammar for the past 18 years, with the past nine of those as Deputy Principal and 12 years as Head of Senior School. During that time, he was instrumental in establishing the structures for our new Middle and Senior Schools in the early 2000s. Some of the initiatives that Richard has pioneered during his time at St John’s Grammar include:

  • Designing and implementing the Pastoral system including House, Welfare and Wellbeing and Behaviour Programs.
  • Establishing a Health and Personal Development strand of learning and developing a coherent, meaningful and extensive social and emotional learning program from Year 7 to 12.
  • Establishing a senior years educational experience that:
    • provides pathways to future learning and the workplace
    • nurtures personal growth and life skills
    • encourages community leadership.
  • Developing a unique student leadership program that provides an opportunity for pupils to grow as future leaders, including the introduction of student-to-student coaching.
  • Co-developing an International Student Program that now has more than 30 students and a reputation for quality education.