New Early Learning Centre play space

By Amanda Bertschinger,

  Filed under: ELC

Wow! Who would have guessed how quickly things can change. Only a week and a bit ago there was the Rectory playground visible over the Early Learning Centre fence. With lots of hard work, machinery, enormous rocks and a lovely slab of wood we can already see the makings of the new areas.

When the work is completed there will be

  • a creek with access to water
  • a paved maze
  • an access ramp
  • a sandpit
  • logs to climb along or over
  • a bridge
  • pathways
  • outdoor table and bench
  • a timber “humpy” frame
  • lots of native plants
  • and retaining walls

When the fence is removed between the two garden spaces interconnecting paths will join the two gardens together.

I hope that you and your children are as excited as we are!