Managing the stress of Year 12 

Lauded as the most important academic year of a young person’s life, Year 12 can be a difficult and stressful time, but it can also be a year of discovery, celebration and much joy. Unfortunately, the stress of the final school year can overshadow that positivity and many students find themselves overwhelmed.  


To help students endure and overcome the stress of senior year, here is a how-to guide in surviving the time: 

Get organised 

The best way to stay on top of the Year 12 workload is to devise a plan at the beginning and stick with it. Use your school diary, a digital planner, or an app to keep track of what is due and when. And it may seem silly, but schedule meal breaks into your plan. You need to eat well to concentrate and stay healthy – your body and brain are closely connectedA routine is crucial in order to stay ahead of tasks, projects and assignments, not to mention the exciting events, interruptions and social occasions. It’s a big year, but it’s not the only year – there will be many more to come, so remember to keep some perspective. This year is just one step in the ladder of your success. 

Remain involved 

While there will be plenty of focus on studies, it’s important to keep up the activities you love to do. Sport, arts and music are some of the best outlets for stress, so keep up with your co-curricular activities to keep that pressure under control. At St John’s Grammar, Year 12 is a special year for the students, where they have an opportunity to attend regular workshops and meetings to help steer them towards excellent results. As well as this academic support, students also have retreat, formal and graduation celebrations to look forward to. Year 12s are encouraged to focus on achieving their best by remaining heavily involved in school life. They also play leadership and mentoring roles in the School’s bands, ensembles, choirs, drama productions, and sporting teams.  

Keep in touch 

Your Year 12 teachers are dedicated to helping you get the best from your final year of schooling. They are experts in their subject area and are there to help you succeed. Keep in touch with them and make sure they are aware of how you’re travelling throughout the year.  St John’s Grammar education is provided by caring, passionate and committeteachers who embrace, and have nurtured in their students, a culture of continuous learning. Keep up a dialogue with your teachers and your family to ensure you are well supported through your final year. And don’t forget, it’s not the end. You can always come back as an old scholar and assist future Year 12s, or stay involved in the School’s community and events.  

Set your sights beyond year 12 – you are more than a final score 

Year 12 is an important year and it can be a starting block for your future, but it is also a year where you will learn a lot of lifelong skills, so it’s important to stay grounded. At St John’s Grammar, Senior School provides opportunities that enable graduating young adults an ideal transition towards further independence and to be future good citizens and leaders of society. By the time they complete year 12, students know and learn what it means to be a team player and have developed a strong sense of community. They care for each other, willingly give to others, and they care for the environment and the future.  

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