Junior School Staffing News

By Sandie Bray,

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As we near the end of what has been a very successful year in the Junior School, I thought it timely to reflect on the accomplishments in the past 2 years and update you about our future directions.  At the beginning of 2018 we defined several key strategic areas to focus on, namely the delivery of first class service to all students and families, strengthening of Literacy and Numeracy programs, implementation of a new Year 3-6 specialist program, further development of strong and purposeful links between sub schools and a 1:1 Laptop program in Years 4-6, to name a few. I am pleased to say that we have delivered all of these initiatives and more however, our work has just begun!

During 2019, the Junior Executive have evaluated and discussed the structure of the leadership team and decided to re-align some of the duties and roles to best serve the goals of our Strategic Pillars.  As the link between ELC and Secondary School, the Junior Campus continues to play a vital role in connecting the learning journey.  As a result, 3 new positions were advertised internally and the following employees will commence 2020 in the new roles below.

Bronwyn Sharpe will shape the entire Junior School culture in the new role of  Coordinator of Junior School Life.  This position is responsible for leading and managing the co-curricular program, student leadership, House and pastoral programs in the Junior School. Part of the responsibility includes coordinating signature learning experiences that support classroom learning in environmental and sustainability education.  Bron has been instrumental in numerous initiatives across Junior School and is looking forward to boosting the positive impact that streamlined programs can have across the school.  Working closely with peers from secondary, as well as community and industry partnerships will be a focus in order to create a structure that will really make a difference in the development of young people!

Daina Booth is taking on the role of Early Years Coordinator with the responsibility for coordinating the pastoral program and school events for the students and families of the Junior Primary years. The role extends to overseeing the transition program for our youngest students entering Reception for the first time and coordinating communications with all families of Junior Primary students.  In addition, this role includes liaising with our own ELC and surrounding Early Years Care centres, establishing strong relationships with families through integrated activities with the school and information sharing about the School.  With her passion and experience in these areas, Daina is well placed to thrive in the role.

Amanda Hinton has been successful in the new role of Coordinator of Learning & Curriculum (Numeracy & Specialist Teaching).  Amanda will partner with Joyanne (Coordinator of L&C – Literacy and Enterprise) with a joint responsibility for leading and managing Junior School teaching practices as well as the development of the Junior School curriculum.  In their respective areas, they will work with staff to ensure that learning meets the demands of the future needs and pathways of all students.  Providing the additional focus and resourcing in this area will take us to new levels of excellence in terms of alignment, differentiation and scope & sequence.  Amanda has coordinated our Maths extension program for a number of years and has fantastic ideas on where to take things from here.

Earlier this term our Art teacher, Richard Dall decided to finish his role in the Junior School at the end of this year. Richard has been instrumental in shaping our Junior School Art program and inspiring students in this specialised area of the curriculum for the past 6 years. I would like to acknowledge his tremendous contribution to the Junior School and wish him well for the future. As a staff, we will farewell Richard after the school year concludes.

Katie Routley is a Junior School teacher who has been working at St John’s since 2011.  She has 3 children Elsie, Ada & Clem, and is very excited to be returning to St John’s after maternity leave.  Katie will return in a part time capacity as the Visual Arts Teacher.  She is a passionate educator and avid artist and is looking forward to combining her two passions!

Please find below the teaching staff at St John’s Junior School in 2020

Home Group Teachers

Reception: Daina Booth and Fiona Sandercock

Year 1: Nicole Bannister and Jan Porter

Year 2: Holly Nielsen/ Liz Mobbs and Seamus Maloney

Year 3: Bronwyn Sharpe and Olga Atsalas

Year 4: Veronika Crilley and Jane Fisher

Year 5: Michael Fowler and Chris Raymond

Year 6: Joyanne Gardner and Vicki Mackenzie

 Specialist Teachers

Physical Education: Simon Laube

Art: Katie Routley

Music: Jenny Chapman

Indonesian: Billy Cook

Library: Karen Saxby

Learning Support: Sarah Bell and Anna Podgorski

Mathematics Enrichment: Amanda Hinton

Instrumental/Band: Leith Stutterd

Digital Technology: Riccardo Rosadoni

Student Wellbeing: Carlee Mitchell

Student Support Staff: Camille Pratt, Susie Goodwin, Karen Ahrens, Deb Templer, Julianne Petrus

Administration: Lara Jones and Sandie Bray (PA –Head of Junior School)

Senior IT Technician: Sean Tran

Junior School Executive

Principal: Richard Anderson

Head of Junior School: Simon McKenzie

Deputy Head of Junior School: Nicholas Smith

Director of ELC: Gay Illingworth

Coordinator of School Life: Bronwyn Sharpe

Early Years Coordinator: Daina Booth

Coordinator of Learning and Curriculum (Literacy and Enterprise): Joyanne Gardner

Coordinator of Learning and Curriculum (Numeracy and Specialist Teaching): Amanda Hinton


2020 promises to be an exciting and rewarding year in the Junior School and I thank you in advance for your continued support.

Simon McKenzie

Head of Junior School