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Junior School Sports Nomination Form

Years 2 – 6

Before filling out the 2023 nomination form in collaboration with your child, a number of points need to be made clear in regard to the Sport Nomination Policy of St John’s Grammar School:

  • Students can nominate up to two sports per season as long as the games don’t clash
  • Softball and Netball are for boys and girls
  • Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Softball, Netball and Soccer will be played in mixed gender competitions
  • Nominating for a sport requires an absolute commitment from students and parents to all practices, matches and carnivals in which the team takes part. This commitment involves two complete terms for each sport selected and takes precedence over any other out of school commitment (excluding SAPSASA District, State or National sport commitments)
  • Once students have nominated, they are unable to change teams or sports unless there are special circumstances approved by the Junior School Sport Coordinator (such as a sport failing to reach adequate numbers to play)
  • Should there be more than one team in a given age group for a sport, teams of equal ability will be arranged
  • The Junior School Sport Coordinator may at any time, in consultation with the Head of the Junior School, reconfigure teams should it be deemed necessary
  • The St John’s PE uniform is the Sport uniform for Kanga Cricket, Tennis, Softball, Volleyball, Hockey and Netball. Students who nominate for cricket (Years 4 – 6) must purchase whites. PE uniform may be worn for Cricket training, but whites are compulsory for matches
  • There is an extra fee to play Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Football to cover singlet, shirt and Guernsey hire
  • Teams entered are dependent on sufficient demand and the availability of coaches. Teams that do not have the appropriate support personnel may not be entered into a competition. Please volunteer to help if you are able
  • Year 2 students may only select Football, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Hockey and Kanga Cricket
  • Other sporting opportunities throughout the year for students in Years 3 – 6 include Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country.

For additional policy information, please also refer to the Junior School Sport Policy prior to filling out the nomination form below.

If you have any questions or require more information on any aspect of the School Sport program, please email our Junior School Sports Coordinator, Simon Laube, or call 8278 2242.

To nominate for Dance, Acrobatics or Gymnastics, please follow this link.

Junior School Sports Nominations

Nominations for School Sport - 2023

  • If new to the school, please write 'New Student'
  • SportCoach or Manager? 

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