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By Amanda Bertschinger,

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So, the P&F have had two big events occur over the past two weeks;

The first of these was Athletics Day at the Junior School.  It was lovely to include the Junior Primary kids for the first time, and we were blessed with a beautiful mild day at the Belair National Park.  It was one of those days where I felt incredibly lucky to be part of our community – so many parents came to help and cheer, the children had a great day, it was colourful and joyful and there were happy smiles everywhere!  We did a roaring trade at the BBQ with plenty of delicious baked goods to go with the coffees from ASAP coffee, and BLTs and sausages for all.  Thank you to all that helped, particularly parents from 6G and 2N for baking, and from year 3 and 4 for serving and cooking – I especially loved so many new faces lending a hand!  Emma Donaghey is doing a fantastic job with the role of coordinator, so please pass on your thanks if you happen to see her around the school.

The second exciting announcement is that our Second Hand Uniform shop is open – yippee!  While we have lots of work to do as we transition to our new space, and the new system, we are so pleased to be able to offer you this service at our school.  If you haven’t yet found us, we are downstairs between the Year 4 and 5 classrooms at the Junior School, next to Mrs Chapmans’ music room.  We will be opening this Friday afternoon, 2.30 -3.30pm, and at this stage are sorting out opening hours / days as we go.  We will definitely be open over the holidays, possibly on a Saturday morning, and into Term 2 we will see what seems to be working for people… Please be patient as we get this new venture up and running, it has been a massive job, and we are trying hard to establish a system that works well for the community yet doesn’t over-tax our volunteers…  I also need to acknowledge and thank parent volunteer Anne McLinden who has been part of this idea from the beginning, and has undertaken the lions share of the work in getting it up and running.  We are most grateful for her commitment to the cause!

I hope you got your Kytons Easter orders in by Friday – Amanda Jarvis and Pam Wallace will be sorting and distributing these next Monday in time for Easter… enjoy!

Happy Easter to you all, see you in Term 2

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends