Our Team

The International Student Coordinator, Jo Zhang, oversees the International Student Program and supports all international students at School. Jo understands the concern of parents and the special needs of international students living away from home in a different cultural setting. She provides various events to encourage international students to achieve their full potential. Her language ability helps parents, students, and staff communicate without a language barrier.

The International Student Program is supported by a number of other staff members and students such as the Deputy Prinicipal and Head of Senior School, and student leaders.

Jo Zhang

Jo Zhang

International Student Coordinator and Chinese Teacher

My name is Jo Zhang, and I am the International Student Coordinator and Chinese Teacher. My role involves screening and enrolling new students, matching them with host families, as well as helping them settling in the new environment. Also I communicate with parents through emails, WeChat or personal visits. In my Chinese classes, not only do I introduce the students to the Australian way of learning, but also to the cultural facts in a language they understand. My aim is to create a positive group of international students, assist them to reach their potential and happily study and live in Adelaide.

I completed high school and Bachelor degrees (Economics and Commercial Law) in China, then went to UK for postgraduate study. I had also worked in the international education industry in Shanghai before I came to Australia in 2008. This is my ninth year working at St John’s Grammar School. All of these experiences enable me to understand the difficulties and challenges faced by international students. Through various programs and activities, we help them settle in and become independent.

St John’s Grammar School provides a supportive environment for international students, and I hope to assist everyone to Learn to Soar.

Jo can be contacted on jzhang@stjohns.sa.edu.au

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson

Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School

My name is Richard Anderson and I am the Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School. I have been at St John’s for the past 17 years and have helped establish the International Student Program.

My main role in the program is to oversee each international student’s schooling progress and to ensure that they are all making the most of their opportunities and integrating well into our school community. I work closely with the host families and support teaching staff in best meeting the needs of our international guests.

Globalism is not only studied at our School, it is celebrated. We teach Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese and we have exchange students from across the globe. A number of events and activities are planned including international week, Chinese New Year celebrations, Sayonara parties and beach days.

We have developed an international hub – a place where our international students call home in their school with study facilities and social areas. A number of tutors and mentors visit the hub every day to offer support to our international students.


Richard can be contacted on randerson@stjohns.sa.edu.au

Candice Flinn

Candice Flinn

International Student Services

My name is Candice Flinn and I am the International Student Services Officer at St John’s Grammar School. This is my eighth year at the School.

My role includes working closely with the International Student Coordinator to recruit suitable host families and screen and match them to our international students. I also help to facilitate the communication between students, host families and the School to ensure everyone’s needs are met and looked after.

I also handle all administration needs for the International Student Program from International Education Agents to student enrolment, to host family applications, to assisting students with medical claims in Australia.

Candice can be contacted on cflinn@stjohns.sa.edu.au

Nigel Eaton

Nigel Eaton

English Teacher

I have been teaching English and supporting international students at St John’s since 2011. My role as an English teacher is to ensure students have the English skills needed to meet the demands of their high school subjects and University studies in the future.

Before working at St John’s Grammar, I taught in a range of high schools and language schools as well as working as an IELTS examiner. I studied linguistics and Chinese at Adelaide University and have a Masters in ESL teaching from University of Technology Sydney. I love learning languages and can speak basic Mandarin. I enjoy helping international students learn English, achieve success in all their subjects and reach their study goals.

One of the most exciting parts of my job is seeing international students improve over their time at St John’s and graduate as articulate, confident speakers of English, ready to face the world.

Nigel can be contacted on neaton@stjohns.sa.edu.au

Bowen Guan

Bowen Guan

International Student Captain

My name is Bowen and I am from Beijing, the capital city of China. Now I am a Year 12 student at St John’s Grammar School.

Before I came to Australia, I just knew Australia is one big continent, I did not even know Canberra is in Australian Capital Territory! When I came to Adelaide, I began to understand the country and culture. Australia has a good education system and is a friendly nation. So that’s the reason I came to Australia.

St John’s Grammar School is a big family. International students help each other whenever we have problems. Local students are also kind and help us. Every semester, the School will organise different activities that the International students are actively involved in. At St John’s, I have learned new knowledge and skills.

I am now the International Student Captain. The role of International Student Captain is both an opportunity and a challenge. I believe being the International Student Captain will help me become a leader within the School and gain experience that will help me in my future. I lead by example with a willingness to serve and help International students, to assist students to adapt in the new environment and make them excel in their studies.

I like Media and Design, When I graduate from St John’s Grammar School, I want to go to Monash University, and study Bachelor of Communication Design.