St John’s Grammar is a leading South Australian Independent day school with a record of quality and innovation in teaching, creative learning and community engagement.  Please join us for a tour of the school to learn about our programs, meet the key teaching staff and to see our students engaged in a positive and supportive learning environment.


Enrolment Process


Register your interest

> Complete an Application for Enrolment form and return to the Registrar, in order to add your child to the enrolment list for your requested year and level of entry.

Enrolment Interview

> Early Learning Centre enrolment interviews and subsequent offers are made three months in advance.

> Junior School enrolment interviews and subsequent offers for places are made six months in advance.

> Middle and Senior School enrolment interviews are conducted in February two years prior to entry, and offers are made from the beginning of March.

 If your application is received following the first round of offers, the offer of placement will be subject to availability.  The School reserves the right to establish enrolment priorities, with preferential treatment for siblings and children of Old Scholars and staff, and special circumstances at the discretion of the Principal.

Offer of Enrolment

Your Offer of Enrolment signifies the final stage in the enrolment process. Following a successful interview with the Principal or Head of Junior School, you will be sent a formal offer of enrolment.