End of Term Year 12 Information

By Tracey Wilson,

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The year seems to have flown by and the school is very optimistic about the possible results of this hardworking group of senior students. A review of their CANVAS grades shows they are tracking well and I look forward to their performance in the mid-year exams, that will be held in the first week of the ‘holidays’.

Many students are reporting feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the moment with the number of assessment tasks due. It is important to maintain perspective, momentum and optimism for all students (and parents) during this time. Early in Term 3, we will hand back the letters they wrote to themselves while on Retreat – a reminder of their goals and aspirations at the start of the year. This serves to help students reflect on their approach and achievements to date and plan to build and improve.

For the rest of the year, every student needs to adopt sensible, healthy lifestyle choices that will reduce stress and build that all-important momentum with their study. They have received good advice about sleep and we will continue to provide key information about staying positive and include diet and exercise next term.

Parents play an important role here, encouraging continued involvement in school sports teams and regular activity and exercise. Students need to avoid using phones late at night and seeking to maintain healthy sleep patterns. Recent studies report that 30 minutes of missed sleep (from the recommended 8-9 hours for this age group) has a measurable IQ difference of 10 points. That is so significant at this point in their academic study and ask for your support in maintaining regular sleep patterns (hosting late parties for example should be off the agenda).

Third term is where every student will be under significant pressure to manage their workloads and meet deadlines. They need to be fully focused on the challenge ahead and they will need all our support and some firm guidance. As restrictions lift, the desire is high for our students to socialise. However, I do ask that you support students to make positive choices in this area. They have been encouraged to maintain their focus on their studies.


Term 2 Break and Exams

The upcoming break should provide the perfect opportunity for all to refresh. The schedule has been set with the first 2 days serving as swot vac days and then the rest of the week is exams. This then allows the students the rest of the holidays to have a chance to have a break, freshen up and enjoy time away from study. There may be a couple of assignments set but the workload has been kept to a minimum.

Exam results will be reported via Canvas.


Other Important Dates for Term 3

During the term, we will continue to schedule Year 12 wellbeing sessions and meetings to discuss a range of issues, tertiary education and careers and focus on preparations for the final exams and completing SACE forms. These occur during the pastoral care sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings. These are compulsory meetings.
Please continue to monitor due dates, as posted on Canvas, to support students in managing their workload effectively.

Week 2 – Online Subject Expo Webinar
Week 3 – Online Parent and Student SATAC Evening, Webinar
Week 5 – University one-to-one Student Counselling on Campus

SATAC Applications are due at the end of Term 3


Year 12 Baby Photos and Personal Profile Page

To assist our Graduation Day celebrations, we require baby photos of all Year 12 students. Thank you to those who have already submitted these. If you haven’t, could you please assist us by emailing this photo to Tracey Wilson (twilson@stjohns.sa.edu.au) or hand it in personally within the first week back next term. The photo will be scanned and returned via student pigeonholes.

The personal profile page can be found HERE This will also need to be returned within the first week of school.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School