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Encounter Youth Year 10-12 Parent Resources

Dear Parent/Caregivers,

Encounter Youth is the largest provider of alcohol & other drug education to South Australian secondary school students and their program is available across Australia. The research-based program incorporates up-to-date trends in young people and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They aim to educate students, parents and teachers with strategies that empower young people to look after themselves and their mates.

Our Year 10-12 students participated in workshops last week, and Encounter Youth have provided us with some parent resources, to assist you in having conversations with your children. Please see below for the links to these resources, and supporting information.

Kind regards

Danielle Kemp
Leader of Wellbeing

Encounter Youth Parent Resources

The ‘Party Safe Checklist’ is one that we recommend for parents as a way to ensure both the parent and their young person are on the same page when it comes to expectations surrounding hosting or attending a party. The Australian Alcohol Drug Foundation (ADF) also have great resources for parents to start having conversations with their young people about alcohol and other drugs. The ‘Reliable Resources’ document has a list of links to recommended online sources for more information on different topics.

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