Cybersafety talk in the Junior School

By Amanda Bertschinger,

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On Thursday March 30 the Year 5 and 6 students had a Senior Constable Foster from the South Australian Police come and talk to the students about Cyber safety. Some of the key issues that were touched upon included;

Keeping Devices in the Bedroom

The advice given is that students do not use their devices in their bedroom unsupervised, but instead use the devices in an open area of the house where parents can readily keep an eye on the children and the children can ask questions or contact parents if the need arises.

It was also advised that children do not keep their devices on charge in their bedroom as they will often get woken by notifications on their device.

Reading Terms and Conditions

The students at the presentation were encouraged to always read the terms and conditions of games, apps or social media platforms that they sign up to with their parents. Although many of the apps they download are free, money is made from on selling personal information by the app, game or social media company. The terms and conditions will also give parents an idea of the appropriate age range for what they are downloading.


How to stay safe on the net was a key message of the talk and much of the information was useful for both parents and children. The below issues were discussed.

Taking Safe Photos

Students were encouraged to turn geotagging off on their devices as this reveals where you are at a given time and certain routines and behaviours you might exhibit. After a photo is taken students were encouraged to look at the photo before posting it or sending it to a friend to see if the photo reveals too much about the subject. School uniforms, school ties, name tags on equipment and backdrops, along with a geo tagged photo can give a lot of information to a stranger.

The concept of permission was also explored. It was advised that students get in the habit of asking permission of the subject before sharing or positing a photo. It was also advised that permission be sought from parents if they wish to post pictures of their children as this role models good cyber behaviour.