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By Sandie Bray,

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a lovely story that happened to me yesterday. It was our first day back and all of the students and teachers were buzzing with holiday news and looking forward to what adventures 2019 might bring. It was during this time that I was fortunate to have the opportunity to share with a Chinese family, who were touring the Junior School at the time, some of our progressive and innovative programs that we offer across the year levels in the Junior School.

I felt immensely proud when I could highlight our Student Agency programs that promote 21st Century learning skills that truly allow for ALL of our students to SOAR.  These agency programs are unique to St John’s Grammar and the evidence of their successes have ranged from students developing interschool coding competitions, fundraising to promoting social justice issues, designing and 3D printing inventions to developing a Junior School Reconciliation Garden.

I also shared our Junior School Belair National Park program that reaches across the railway lines and weaves in Science learning to foster respect and understanding of our beautiful environment. This being another whole school program that is totally unique to our Junior school.

When I shared the explicit teaching of critical and creative Thinking Skills that teach lifelong learning strategies, the family were completely impressed, such programs were new to this family and by far outweighed their previous educational experiences. New initiatives such as the Digital Technologies program and the whole school Wellbeing Framework were just the icing on the cake.

I truly believe that we can offer their child, and everyone of our students, an authentic and innovative learning experience. This Chinese family were so impressed by our diverse and original programs that we could offer their child. I felt truly grateful to be part of a team that really puts each learner at the heart all our educational programs.

I hope you are all looking forward to 2019 as much as I am.  My new role of Coordinator of Curriculum and Learning across the Junior School is a privilege and we have more exciting projects in the pipe line which we will enjoy sharing with you across the year.

Kind Regards

Joyanne Gardner

Coordinator of Curriculum & Learning