Parents and Friends Association

parents and friends

Parents & Friends is a vibrant group of people who support a culture of service and engage in building a community spirit within our School. The Association encourages all parents and friends of St John’s Grammar to actively participate in the School Community and thereby help foster the healthy School spirit of which we are so proud.

It exists to organise social functions for parents, to raise funds for the School, and to aid communication between the School administration and parents. It is an incorporated body which elects a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee members in the middle of each calendar year.

Parent Representatives for each Junior School class ensure that contact is made regularly with all parents so that all families feel included in activities both in and outside of School.

The Parents & Friends Association has a number of sub-committees to pursue the goals of the organisation including Junior School BBQs, Gala Ball, Spring Fair, Golf Day, Mums & Dads dinners and other events in support of the day to day life of the School.

The Parents & Friends Committee is made up of individuals from the School community.  If you would like further information about joining the committee, please email us.

Events Calendar

The Parents & Friends Association have created a 2019 Events Calendar listing some of the largest School events for 2019.

Click here to access the calendar.

Named Pavers

Both Junior and Secondary campuses have an area dedicated to commemorating your child’s enrolment or family’s involvement at St John’s Grammar School.

Named Pavers Order Form