By Amanda Bertschinger,

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As this newsletter goes live the Year Nine’s will be making final preparations for their Casual – an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, have some fun and celebrate their Middle School journey. Our unofficial Middle School values have continued to be reinforced and, in time, lived out by our students throughout the year – by the Y9s, 8s and 7s. Living beyond yourself, being the first to say hello, thanking others, applying best efforts and making the most of opportunities – you see these as you spend time with our students.

Inspiring minds for Success through the pursuit of academic endeavour and excellence was achieved this year again by a talented and committed staff. The staff and I have worked to craft programs and experiences aligned to meet the specific developmental needs of young adolescents and this has resulted in wonderful character growth, academic outcome achievement and community action.

Shaping hearts for Wisdom has also been a core focus through our wellbeing programs which have provided the support and nurturing of our students. They have been instrumental in developing students’ social skills, resilience and strategies to cope with the demands of adolescence.

Our students understand the opportunity to ‘lead without the badge’ the school environment provides and servant leadership is now a pillar of what we do in the Middle School. In particular the House Captains created authentic opportunities this year which allowed them to develop a sense of responsibility through event organisation; engendering of a mindset of inclusion, participation and personal bests amongst the student body.

As an example, Middle School assemblies have become such a positive time for us. Held in the new, award-winning Performing Arts Centre they are a time for recognition of student achievement across a range of domains (within and beyond school), high-quality and high-fun student performances and most importantly a time to be together; these have become so important to our culture.

As the final days of the school year fast approach, it is shaping up as a wonderful finish to the year. Below is a summary and reminder of the events planned in Week 9, Term 4:

Friday 8 December:

  • Year 9 Casual (disco) 7pm (for Y9s only)

Wednesday 13 December:

  • Year 9 Celebration Ceremony ‘Taking Flight’ 9:00am in the Sports Centre
  • End of Year Clubs/Activities – variety of options available, students nominate preferences
  • Secondary Campus Awards Night 7:30pm in the Sports Centre (invitations sent home late Week 8)


  • House Activities day. 3:25pm return to school and dismissal.

Thank you to all members of the school community for your support in creating a year of positive growth and development for our students – full of learning, challenges, achievement and culture building. I look forward to 2018! My wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season and a restful holiday.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School