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Winning Awards for Wellbeing

St John’s Grammar was a finalist in the category Best Student Wellbeing Program in Schools at this year’s Australian Education Awards Ceremony recently held in Sydney. While we did not take out the winners prize, the School can rightfully be proud of being one of a...

The Importance of Thinking Like A Scientist

Scientists don’t simply remember information; they pose questions then seek to discover the answers. Furthermore, they are of a mindset to be surprised, to have a hypothesis disproved, to be presented with findings that insist on a new path. As our students grow and...

Squid Games Aren’t Kids Games

Red light…green light. Wow, I just had a chilling flashback from my Netflix binge following my holiday knee surgery. Red light…green light. Hang on, there it is again. My eyes shot up from the Year 6 Pr1me book and I stared across the classroom in disbelief as I...

Faster, Stronger, Higher – Soaring Together

Call us nostalgic, that’s ok; we choose to still take inspiration from the Olympics. We choose to see beyond the politics of the host-city decision process, the governance of the IOC, the commercialisation, instead allowing ourselves to romanticise the virtues of the...

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