Category: International Students

From the Principal

By Amanda Bertschinger,

There are a number of exciting initiatives happening across the school this term. Counselling on the Secondary Campus We have decided to transition into a counselling system that meets our Secondary School needs in a more potent manner. Leading our Counselling service into this new model is Michael Sharp. Michael is an Occupational Therapist, who  … Read more

Our International Student Program

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Recently I visited southern China with our International Student Coordinator, Jo Zhang. There were four key reasons for travelling to China: To affirm strong partnerships with current recruiting agents, especially in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guiyang and to establish new relationships with agents; To meet with parents of existing students (we met with eight families in  … Read more

Global Competence

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Harvard Researcher Prof Ron Ritchhart, a former Aussie teacher who has piloted the internationally acclaimed, Cultures of Thinking, project recently visited Adelaide to present to independent schools boards and executives about the future demands on schooling. He framed eight key areas of School life that need to go beyond what they do now and embrace  … Read more