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Future Education 2030 – Professional Learning Day

By Amanda Bertschinger,

On Monday 22 July, all teaching staff on the Secondary Campus engaged in Professional Learning around the theme of ‘Future Education 2030 – Ignite the Spark’. Our partnership with Flinders University allowed us to host the Professional Learning at Flinders University, Tonsley Campus. Staff were asked to engage in research around future education skills through  … Read more

From the Principal

By Amanda Bertschinger,

There are a number of exciting initiatives happening across the school this term. Counselling on the Secondary Campus We have decided to transition into a counselling system that meets our Secondary School needs in a more potent manner. Leading our Counselling service into this new model is Michael Sharp. Michael is an Occupational Therapist, who  … Read more

Our International Student Program

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Recently I visited southern China with our International Student Coordinator, Jo Zhang. There were four key reasons for travelling to China: To affirm strong partnerships with current recruiting agents, especially in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guiyang and to establish new relationships with agents; To meet with parents of existing students (we met with eight families in  … Read more

Special Provisions in the SACE

By Amanda Bertschinger,

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a flexible qualification, designed to allow all students equal opportunity to access learning. In support of this, Schools who deliver the SACE are empowered to make reasonable adjustments in curriculum and assessment, to enable students eligible on the grounds of disability, to participate in programs and associated  … Read more

Making the most of opportunities

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Around 40% of the Middle School students are new to our campus this year. This is significant, wonderful and has involved much learning for our new students! Yes, learning with regard to the planned curriculum, but also so much learning around positive change: new relationships – staff and peers, timetables, locations, expectations, communication, organisation and  … Read more

Introducing our new Leader of Learning & Curriculum

By Briar Standing,

Hello St John’s! Today I took ill-judged steps to consult the internet for some pithy ‘education quotes’ with which to begin this article. I’m surprised to report that some interesting things actually came up; notwithstanding Benjamin Franklin’s views that education is an ‘investment in knowledge [which] pays the best interest’ and Nelson Mandela’s understandable view  … Read more

WINGS with Carlee Mitchell

By Amanda Bertschinger,

“Our Wellbeing provides our WINGS TO SOAR.” Wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function well. It is what provides us with the resilience to navigate the natural highs and lows we all experience in our lives while enabling us to cognitively, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically flourish. We see the development of healthy  … Read more

Encouraging Students to take social action

By Amanda Bertschinger,

As the School Counsellor, a broad principle in my meetings with students at St John’s has been to not only acknowledge and listen carefully with questions to the difficulties young people face, but also, to help them to come to know they always have skills and ideas from other parts of their lives that will  … Read more

Staffing update

By Amanda Bertschinger,

As is the case in all schools, the end of the year is the time when most staff make changes – they retire, change employers, take a year off and so on.  St John’s is no exception, and at the end of this year, we say goodbye to a few of our staff members who  … Read more

Property and Grounds update from the Principal

By Amanda Bertschinger,

As part of the Property and Development plans for 2018 going into the new year, I would like to share a summary of the work done recently and that which is about to start. The Solar expansion project has been completed (30kW up to 100kW) and the new LED sign for the Secondary Campus (like  … Read more