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By Amanda Bertschinger,

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The Foundation for Young Australians New Work Order report series highlights the increasing dynamism and complexity of our working lives, where today’s 15 year olds will likely navigate 17 changes in employer across five different careers.

From the perspective of young people, the key barriers preventing them from transitioning to full-time work are:

  • Not enough work experience: three in four young people do not believe they possess the relevant vocational and practical work experience to gain full-time work.
  • Lack of career management skills: one in four young people believe they lack the necessary interview and job application skills to be able to attain full-time work.
  • Lack of appropriate education: half of young people believe they lack the technical skills needed to gain full-time work.

At St John’s Grammar School, we aim to provide a comprehensive Careers Education program that addresses these issues, encouraging students to take responsibility to self-manage and develop their own career development skills. We provide opportunities for vocational education and training (VET) and participation in work experience and the development of job application skills, while continually raising awareness of possibilities for future career pathways.

Work Experience

In Week 4, Year 10 students participated in the world of work through their work experience program, in fields as diverse as 3D printing for biomedical applications, physiotherapy, engineering, the State Opera of SA, Port Adelaide Football Club, law courts, education, dentistry, CSIRO, veterinary clinics, construction and the defence industry, to name but a few!


Students were given the opportunity to enquire about the type of work they undertook, gain relevant work experience and/or skills and align their school studies with career aspirations. They were also able to find out the types of jobs that are available in the relevant industry, explore interests and gain insight and experience into their everyday work. At times, some were able to contemplate solving the big questions facing our country and planet!

Mock Job Interviews

The week culminated in the students attending mock job interviews, conducted by wonderful members of our school community. They presented their cover letters and resumes and discussed their strengths and relevant experience. They were provided with immediate feedback and all learnt immensely from the event.

NYU Abu Dhabi

Kendall Quisenberry, representing  New York University Abu Dhabi, visited the school in Week 3 to give an overview of what they offer and explained the differences between the US and Australian tertiary systems.

NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai will be hosting a webinar on July 23 to share information with students about the two campuses. If students/parents are interested, please visit the following link:

Careers and Employment Expo

Year 11 students attended the Careers and Employment Expo at the Adelaide Showgrounds. They were able to connect with a huge range of organisations for guidance, clarity and possibilities in relation to career options.


University of Adelaide Excursion

The Year 10 students attended the University of Adelaide and were able to go on a Student Experience Tour and choose from Marketing, Psychology, Entrepreneurship and Coding sessions. They got to know their way around the campus and explored some options for further study.

The Defence Force

Carl Vester and Charlotte Taylor presented at the Moffatt Senior School Assembly, outlining the various opportunities and benefits within the Defence Force.

Whether on base, on land or at sea, in some respects working for the ADF can be much like being employed in a comparable civilian role. However, you are likely to enjoy far more variety along with life-changing experiences, such as assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters.

In the Navy, you’ll be a member of a uniquely supportive community, travelling the world and exploring new cultures. In the Army, you’ll take part in exercises in Australia and overseas, preparing you for your role at the forefront of response. In the Air Force, you could be working with cutting-edge aero technology, managing cargo logistics or assisting with aeromedical evacuations anywhere in the world.

SA Police Information Sessions

The South Australian Police Force holds regular recruiting events throughout the year for people who want to become Police Officers.

At these events, information is provided in relation to the current entry process and requirements for the South Australian Police Service.

There are sessions coming up soon. For further details, click here.

Year 12s and University Applications

Next term is when Year 12s will need to make their decisions regarding university study. Many are convinced they want to go to university, but are not sure where or exactly what they want to study. Some also suffer from ATAR anxiety!

Here is some advice to reflect on over the upcoming holidays:

  • Choose a degree that allows some flexibility in selecting of units that is right for you.
  • Make sure the program offers opportunities for practical work experience (sometimes called Industry Based Learning).
  • Do not base your decision solely on what your friends are doing.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!!  Make sure travel time from your residence to the campus is within what you are willing and able to do on a day-to-day basis.
  • Get involved! Get out there and find out what the universities are offering by attending Open Days and asking questions!
  • Do not just pick courses based on ATAR alone.

Don’t forget to check out the “Calendar of Events” on our school Future Career Pathways website here.

As usual, it has been a busy and productive term, with more opportunities coming up for students and families to take advantage of next term.

Virginia Castine

Careers Counsellor