The Class of 2017 is very different to the Class of 1985 so we’re sending our parents

“Back to School”!

Spend the evening in your lesson of choice discovering how students at

St John’s Grammar are learning to soar in 2017.

Wednesday 20 September

Class, 7pm – 8pm

followed by

‘Recess’, 8pm

in the foyer of the John Bray Centre for Performing Arts

courtesy of the St John’s Grammar School P&F

OPTIONAL: For a truly authentic experience, feel free to come dressed in school uniform!


Join Ms Woodard-Knight in an introduction to a small part of the huge subject of STEM!

Let’s begin by looking at the geometry and art of a shape’s area. Start with a cross shape. Can you shade a quarter of the area? Sounds simple, but can you prove it?

This problem-solving lesson emphasises differing techniques of establishing solutions. You will be surprised at how many different ways there are to approach a problem and the number of possible solutions.

Problem-solving is just one of the elements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths at St John’s Grammar. Other areas and concepts that we have and will encounter in STEM education will be showcased. See the students’ work – what they have been doing, and will be doing to ensure they soar into the future!

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The Lorax speaks for the trees – should we listen? What is a good life? Is it ever ok to lie? How far do our obligations to our friends go? Whatever the questions, this lesson with Mr Clark will have you Philosophising the answers!

Did you know that research supports the embedding of philosophic inquiry in classrooms, contributing to higher outcome achievement across broad learning areas? It helps you to think and communicate better!

By participating in this highly interactive session you will develop your capacity to engage in some of the big questions of life, think through the issues, listen to others and build on the argument. Thinking games and activities will warm up your mind, then it’s time to immerse yourself in thought and discussion.

Our Soaring Pedagogy will be showcased as you learn through a social, authentic, reflective and creative context. just the way our students do! You will have fun and your brain will buzz!

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Make a Global Link with Emmerson Sensei.

Come along to find out why people are so intrigued with Japanese culture, addicted to Japanese food and curious about how to write in all three Japanese alphabets.

Having an understanding of another language and culture is a key feature in 21st century learning – improving a student’s global understanding, future employment opportunities, deepened understanding of one’s own culture, improved brain development and is an asset for travel and friendship opportunities.

Experience how we create authentic learning environments for our students to prepare them for their future, enjoy some of Japan’s amazing technology that inspires our students’ generative creativity and we’ll try some Japanese snacks.

Just like the students, we will learn together which will highlight the value of social learning that we promote at St John’s Grammar.

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How does Physical Education help St John’s Grammar students to soar?

Discover the tactics that have led the Crows (and our incredible girls footy teams) to success!

Take part in a Team Handball lesson led by Mr Johncock, during which you will explore the tactical skills, knowledge and understanding that lead to improved physical performance of self and others, as well as developing higher order thinking skills.

PE provides endless authentic opportunities for students to work collaboratively to solve problems and develop many of the critical social and emotional competencies needed for success as 21st century learners.

‘Dress to be active’.

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In the words of Ms Thompson, “All the world’s a stage, and all the parents merely stage-hands”!

However, not so in this Back to School Drama lesson which will see you make an entrance onto the stage floor of the John Bray Centre for Performing Arts!

In the words of David Bowie, “We’re absolute beginners”, but trust in Ms Thompson as she leads you, her Company for the evening, in a truly theatrical evening!

It’s time to tread the boards and soar!

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