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Dear Year 9 Parents and Carers,


In Term 4, the focus of our Rite Journey program is “What is my purpose?” and “What do I have to give?” We are excited to announce our fifth year of involvement in the very special community event, Relay for Life, a fun and moving overnight experience that enables our students to build community solidarity by doing it a little tough while raising vital funds for Cancer Council’s research, prevention and support services.

Relay for Life is a chance for communities to recognise and celebrate those who have overcome cancer or are undergoing treatment, as well as the people who care for them. Relay for Life also provides an opportunity to celebrate the memory of loved ones lost to cancer.

Rite Journey students are encouraged to join our St John’s team and participate in this event, and most importantly, raise much needed funds for cancer research and resources for cancer patients. Staff will provide supervision at all times, and therefore parent involvement is most welcome but not compulsory.

The Relay for Life event will be held in Belair National Park on Saturday 30 October, from 12pm (for tent set up) for a 1.30pm start, and will finish on Sunday 31 October, at 9am. All participants will need to sleep in a tent but may share a tent with their Rite Journey classmates. Students will be under supervision of school staff at all times. All food, drinks and personal items will need to be provided, including cutlery, to participate in the free breakfast on Sunday morning.

Please click on the link: Register: Relay For Life 2021 – SJGS to register your child’s involvement in the St John’s Grammar Rite Journey team: sjgsritejourney2021

Additionally, if you or your family members/friends have been closely affected by cancer, we invite you to join us to participate in the very first lap of the day, dedicated to cancer survivors and carers. There will be a Survivors and Carers registration at the Registration/Information marquee from midday until 1.45pm and you will be able to collect sashes to identify as Survivors and Carers and put your names on the list. You will then get to do the first lap and your names will be read out as you walk.

If you want to stay on and enjoy the entertainment, you are most welcome. The park gates are locked at sunset but they have a key and will let people out after the candlelight ceremony (around 8.30pm) and then another after the band finishes (around 11pm).

You will receive a Consent2Go form for this event shortly.

Further information will be supplied in coming weeks, with specific details of the event, things to bring provided once registrations have been received. Please register by the start of Term 4, as this will help us plan staffing and other essential components.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Yours sincerely

Carlee Mitchell
Leader of Student Wellbeing

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