Literacy in the Early Years

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Literacy typically refers to reading and writing skills. Literacy skills that are developed during the early years of a child’s life can help them in being successful later on in school. Spending time reading with children from an early age helps them develop a solid foundation for literacy. At St John’s Grammar in the Four-Year-Old  … Read more

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Service – the world beyond St John’s

By Amanda Bertschinger,

St John’s students continue to exhibit a real passion to improve the world. This is supported by the school in a number of ways, including being embedded in our Wellbeing Framework. To quote the framework, “service is at the heart of St John’s mission, with students and staff encouraged to be active, responsible citizens, learning  … Read more

Junior School Staffing News

By Sandie Bray,

As we near the end of what has been a very successful year in the Junior School, I thought it timely to reflect on the accomplishments in the past 2 years and update you about our future directions.  At the beginning of 2018 we defined several key strategic areas to focus on, namely the delivery  … Read more

Year 11 Students Last Day

By Tracey Wilson,

  All Year 11 students are required to attend a compulsory information session on Thursday 5 December from 8.30am to 1.30pm. Students will collect exam results,  meet with their 2020 teachers and receive some work for the new year. Thank You  

Year 10 students Last Day

By Tracey Wilson,

  Year 10 Students are required to attend an information morning on Tuesday 3 December from 8.30am to 10.30am in the JBC. Students will receive their exam results, subjects for 2020 and information regarding SACE. Thank You