Thinking beyond SACE completion

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Media reports in relation to Year 12 students completing SACE has caused widespread concern. A significant and growing proportion of South Australian students are not completing their SACE and this has compelled the media to attack the State Government for what looks like an attempt to hide these outcomes. It is disheartening for those working  … Read more

Year 10 & 11 Art Excursion

By Lucy Shelton,

Dear Parents   Year 10 & 11 Art Excursion – The Daalder Collection and Chiharu Shiota   On Tuesday 25 September the students in Year 10 & 11 Visual Arts and Design will be attending an excursion to view The Daalder collection exhibition, To have and to hold, and the Chiharu Shiota exhibition, Absence Embodied  … Read more