Year 6 Grandparents’ Day

By Sandie Bray,

On Wednesday 26 September, the Year 6s are hosting a Grandparents’ Day. It will take place from 1.45 to 3.00pm in Harnett House. This will be an opportunity for the Year 6 students to show case all the varied, rich and exciting activities, they have participated in this year so far! They will have a  … Read more

Year 12 Seniors Jumper and Rugby Top 2019

By Tracey Wilson,

  As is customary and a privilege for their Senior Year, Year 12 students can purchase and wear a Seniors Jumper with the School Uniform, and a Seniors Rugby Top for sports uniform days. Please be aware that the Rugby Jumper is not to be worn with the formal uniform. The purchase of these tops  … Read more