Stage 2 Media Studies Adelaide Film Festival Gala Screening Excursion

By Lucy Shelton,

Dear Parents Stage 2 Media Studies Adelaide Film Festival Gala Screening On Monday 15 October your child’s Stage 2 Media Studies class will be attending the Gala Screening of the Adelaide Film Festival. As students finalise their short film unit, this will inspire them with a showcase of the best fiction and documentary shorts produced  … Read more

Electronic Exams for Stage 2 by Ramon Bartholomeusz

By Amanda Bertschinger,

2018 marks a new stage in SACE examinations with the introduction of the electronic exam for English Literary Studies. Our English Literary Studies class and students across the state have been involved in trialling the SACE exam browser (which blocks other applications) and preparing for the assessment, taking place on the 7th of December. The  … Read more

Scaling the final summit from Leonie Harwood

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Most Year 12 students have moved into countdown mode. They are in their final weeks of school, completing their final assignments and of course, looking towards celebrations to mark their end of Senior schooling. But looming ahead remains one enormous challenge – end of year exams. The Australian education system has changed considerably, so that  … Read more

Careers information from Virginia Castine

By Amanda Bertschinger,

It has been a very busy and productive term in the Careers department. Highlights include visits to the school from ANU, Canberra; St Andrew’s University, UK; Monash University and UniSA. The Subject and Information evening on Wednesday 1 August was attended by the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, UniSA, SAIBT (South Australian Institute of Business  … Read more

Middle School Captains legacy of shaping culture

By Amanda Bertschinger,

I believe that a positive school culture paves the way for learning. Essentially, the culture of a school has a profound impact on student performance (and that of the teachers!). Walk into and through any school for the first time (as a student, parent, staff member or other visitor). How would you want to feel?  … Read more


By Amanda Bertschinger,

The children in their early years (and beyond) at St John’s Grammar have many opportunities to embrace and understand changes occurring throughout their early education years. Throughout our day at the ELC children move from one activity to another. Sometimes a child will be making their own choices, at other times we impose these choices.  … Read more

Thinking beyond SACE completion

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Media reports in relation to Year 12 students completing SACE has caused widespread concern. A significant and growing proportion of South Australian students are not completing their SACE and this has compelled the media to attack the State Government for what looks like an attempt to hide these outcomes. It is disheartening for those working  … Read more