From strength to strength in the Junior School

What a wonderful first term it has been in the Junior School this year. I have had the privilege of leading a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure every child achieves a personal best in all that they do. As a staff, we have focused on teaching and learning to ensure we cater for the needs of all students, with particular emphasis on knowing every child, their strengths and areas for growth. I am pleased to say that we have improved significantly in this area and have systems in place to not only accurately record information about student achievement, but to ensure this is accessible to all teachers this year and beyond.

This Term has been incredibly busy with sporting carnivals, camps, excursions and other co-curricular opportunities. At St John’s Grammar, our co-curricular activities and programs provide valuable learning experiences through practical situations involving teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing and hard work. From Student Representative Council to Orchestra, Netball to Robotics, co-curricular activities have long been recognised as a way for students to express themselves, try a new skill, provide service to the School and community and develop leadership, social, and organisational skills.

By participating, students at every year level have opportunities to grow their:

  • Self-discipline, reliability and time management
  • Self-confidence
  • Skills in handling competitive situations
  • Capacity for learning new concepts
  • Social groups and friendship connections

In our weekly Assembly, I spoke about the benefits of pursuing areas of passion and the benefits of working with like-minded people outside of the normal classroom setting. It is widely noted that students who achieve success in an area outside of the structured day are motivated to improve in another area of their lives. Personally, I can relate to this notion having extensive exposure to competitive sport in my younger days and experiencing the thrill of victory, the disappointment of not performing to my full potential and the grit and determination needed to achieve personal goals. There are many more examples I could refer to but these experiences shape individuals and better equip individuals in later life to overcome challenges and lead a well-balanced and happy life. This is what all parents want for their children and I am pleased we provide opportunities to achieve this outcome.

As the term draws to a close, I wish every family a safe and restful Term 1 break.  Thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to a busy and productive Term 2.

Simon McKenzie

Head of Junior School