A busy term for the P&F

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Thank you to Year 3 and 4 Parent Reps and their team of volunteers who successfully manned the BBQ and food stall for the Junior School Athletics Day in the Belair National Park last Thursday. From all accounts it was a busy day, and particular thanks go to Kellie Desteno and Emma Donahey who were  … Read more

Junior School Athletics Carnival Wrap up

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Last Thursday, the entire Junior School competed in the annual Junior Athletics Carnival at the Main Oval in Belair National Park. In perfect weather conditions, our House Leaders ensured all the children were in high spirits and encouraged their teammates to enjoy themselves and to perform their best. All student’s eagerly took to the track  … Read more

From strength to strength in the Junior School

By Amanda Bertschinger,

What a wonderful first term it has been in the Junior School this year. I have had the privilege of leading a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure every child achieves a personal best in all that they do. As a staff, we have focused on teaching and learning to ensure we  … Read more

Risk taking and adolescents

By Leonie Harwood,

One of the most difficult topics to present a clear strategy around for young people is risk-taking. Managing the fine line between acceptance through conformity and acceptance through risk-taking is incredibly difficult and at times very confusing for young people. In learning, we know that we must encourage students to take risks, to be brave  … Read more


By Amanda Bertschinger,

As an extraordinarily full Term 1 draws to a close, I reflect on what has been, and the trajectory the students in the Middle School are on. Our students have made an excellent beginning to their current year of the Middle School journey. Whilst our already strong culture has been further invigorated by our renewed  … Read more

Physical development and literacy learning

By Amanda Bertschinger,

A child’s physical development is an extremely important part of our daily ELC program, and each child’s competence with their physical and cognitive development is monitored to ensure development is relative to peers. Climbing, jumping, hopping, agility and muscle strengthening, coordination of arms legs, eyes and cognitive functioning, is an integral part of our learning  … Read more

The Social and Emotional Learning that allows our students to flourish

By Amanda Bertschinger,

In the last newsletter, our Principal, Richard Anderson emphasised our School’s thorough approach to managing situations of conflict and bullying. Our approach is holistic, proactive and preventative, and encompasses three layers: Explicitly teaching social emotional skills A caring and supportive school culture Restorative justice practices and the opportunity to grow and learn from mistakes It  … Read more