Soaring with dancing robots

During the past month the Year 5s have been working in class on a robot animation project using Choreographe software. We have just received the exciting news that three of our students have had their animated dance entries shortlisted as finalists in South Australia. These three students, Charlie Clarke, Harry Behrndt and Josh Murphy, have also been invited to bring another student to the workshop and presentation. These three students are Cynthia Schuwirth, Abe King and Josh Shepherd.

On Saturday they will attend a masterclass to work with NAO robots and Brainary staff from Melbourne to perfect their dances. Each team will have access to a robot for an hour to test, troubleshoot and perfect their dance moves. This will be followed by the Dance Off where they will showcase their dance to judges and family and friends present. Each dance will be judged on Creativity, Balance, Timing and Fluidity of Movement.

We congratulate the students on making the final and wish them well in the competition on Saturday.

Mark Shaw

Year 5 Teacher