Secondary Sports Captains Update

The Captain for each sport will play a leading role in the organisation of their given sport, help promote student involvement, connectedness and promote the sport in the School community. The Captain works to represent student’s interests, needs and concerns and play an active role at key sporting events. The Captain acts as a key mentor to younger student involved in the given sport.

We would like to congratulate the following students on their Captaincy role for Terms 1 and 4 2018: Llewellyn Hails (Volleyball), Steph Whitman (Girls Basketball), Alex Matters (Cricket), Ali Teubner (Sailing), Oli Crutchley (Badminton), Willard Ravenscroft (Running) and Patrick Douglas (Tennis).

Brooke Watson & Paul Travis
Heads of Sport


    From Badminton Captain Oli Crutchley

The Badminton B team had a good start to the year, with a lot of our less-experienced players winning a few early games. The team has done well since there are so many players, it is hard to maintain your ranking because there are so many of us. Overall, I am excited to see what the rest of the term (and year!) has in store for badminton and can’t wait to see how much everyone improves.


      From Girls’ Basketball Captain Steph Whitman

The Open A girls have had a great start to the season after being put in A grade IGGSA competition. The team has played hard in this new and more challenging competition, winning games against Pembroke, Scotch and Walford. There will be some tough games to come but the girls have been working hard to compete in this higher standard. The Senior and Middle school A teams have also been playing well and I wish all teams best of luck for the rest of the season. I’m excited to be the new Basketball Captain as I’m hoping to raise the profile of school basketball and be a role model for younger players.


  From Cricket Captain Alex Matters

The St John’s Open cricket team has enjoyed a successful start to the year, winning our first three games. The team has formed a cohesive unit, with all players stepping up when required. The boys have continued to improve, with a tight bowling attack developing within the team. Our batting has successfully backed up this bowling, resulting in a well-rounded team capable of taking on some tough opponents.


   From Running Captain Will Ravenscroft

The fresh running season has been off to a great start with more and more runners coming out to training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and putting in the miles. Last week the triathlon saw some great running also. We are really looking forward to the athletics carnival next week and hopefully our runners can get out and run some amazing PB’s and also qualify for the interschool competition. This year is already on track to be an epic one with cross country season also just around the corner and the 50km relay coming up fast.


   From Sailing Captain Ali Teubner

St John’s Teams Sailing has got off to a great start, winning a number of races in a metro regatta on the 4th of March. It is wonderful to see younger kids getting involved, with a sizeable component of the team competing in their first season. The team has already improved dramatically since the beginning of the year, and we are looking forward to continued success as a team.


   From Tennis Captain Patrick Douglas

This year of tennis has started off with a bang. Middle and Senior School teams have begun their year off strong. With the commencement of matches and trainings, there is a positive vibe as everyone has been playing hard and getting the rewards. A few rainy days have set some teams behind but leading from the front the Drive Team has been undefeated and look to set a great example for the other teams to look up too.


    From Volleyball Captain Llewelyn Hails

The 2018 volleyball season has had a strong start, seeing its 11 Senior School teams gain good results in the first three rounds. The institution of year level training sessions has increased the emphasis on skill development, and has already begun to show its advantages. Overall, the year ahead looks like a promising addition to St John’s volleyball history.