It's the vibe

In my first eight weeks at St John’s Grammar School, the most common question I have been asked is; “How are you settling into St John’s?” And, hand on my heart, I can honestly say, I love the School. The Secondary Sports Day was another fabulous, uniquely St John’s Grammar day. Students strived for excellence in their particular events and participated with joy and determination. Hard to explain how the vibe is so unique, but my husband described the Junior School Swimming Carnival as having the same feel. It is hard to explain exactly what makes St John’s Grammar so unique because it is the vibe, but let me try.

Let me start at the top, the students. St John’s Grammar is filled with students who are friendly and polite, who thank you at the end of a lesson and hold the door open for you with a smile on their face. They are resilient and talented and aspiring to exciting futures. They are skilled – in literacy, in researching, in technology and in arguing their opinions and ideas. St John’s Grammar’s commitment to enabling student agency is creating students who are developing the skills to navigate their life. Their confidence, skill and buoyancy makes St John’s Grammar a very special place.

And let me tell you about the staff at St John’s   Grammar– skilled, optimistic, determined and continually learning. I am so fortunate to be working with staff who are passionate and skilled, whose determination to make a difference makes them unique and certainly contributes to the vibe. But more than anything I am impressed by the learning culture of staff at St John’s Grammar – they don’t just teach, they are learning as well. Formerly, I have never worked at a School where so many staff are undertaking further study. They are also committed to continually developing their own pedagogy and their skills in using technology, including CANVAS.

The parents I have met are proud, positive and willing to work as part of a team to ensure the best outcomes for their children. There is a true sense of support and care among the community.

And perhaps the most important aspect that I love about this School is the genuine appetite for change and ongoing improvement. The School Leadership Team and staff are committed to continually revising and improving, and that desire to keep getting better must be infectious because it is the same passion for improvement that I hear in the voices of the students.

So in summary, the St John’s Grammar School vibe is like an infectious disease, and I’m glad that I have caught it.

Leonie Harwood

Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School