From the Counselling Hub

St John’s Grammar is pleased to have extended the depth and hours of our counselling services with our new School Chaplain, Reverend Scott Magann, joining our existing School Counsellor, Carolyn Markey. Scott comes to our School with a breadth of experience and we extend a warm welcome to Scott.

Practically, this means that students now have access to counselling staff five days a week. Scott is available for counselling appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays, with Carolyn on Monday Tuesday and Thursdays.

Our offerings have been furthered through the leadership of Carlee Mitchell as the new Leader of Student Wellbeing. Carlee’s role ensures a collaborative connection between the curriculum programs, the Wellbeing sessions and the work undertaken by the counselling team. Involvement in the School pastoral care program is an essential part of our role and we value the opportunity for students to see and meet us in non-problem focussed settings. This is important for our profile to be known in more ‘everyday’ ways.

Increased Access

We are also pleased to have shared with students a new, broadened method for students to book appointments with us. Students can now:

  • Go to the Middle School Office and ask Ms Paterson to book an appointment for them with either Counsellor.
  • Go to Retreat House Reception and ask Ms Pickering to book an appointment for them with either Counsellor.
  • Go directly to the Counselling Hub (located at the back of Carter House) and students simply need to knock on the door and ask for an appointment themselves.
  • Email Rev. Scott or Carolyn Markey directly to ask for a time
  • Ask any teacher or Head of House to help them make an appointment.

This provides a range of ways for students to book an appointment and students can be reassured that staff will ensure their privacy and dignity are respected. Students can attend appointments during lesson time, lunch or recess, or after the school day.


As a parent or carer, if you would like to meet with either of us or would like your child(ren) to consult with us, you can also contact us directly or by email . Often we can work with children through consulting with you. You are their primary support. Our work, of course is governed by Child Protection Legislation .

If you have any questions about access or the kind of work we do – please email or ring either of us on 8278 0275.

Carolyn Markey and Reverend Scott Magann