ELC Specialist Programs and our new students

We are truly blessed to be part of such a warm and caring community. This was affirmed over the last week when Simon McKenzie and I were able to meet with the new students and their buddies as well as the parents of new students. It was a great opportunity to share some morning tea and get some feedback on the transition process. Feedback has one of the greatest impacts on learning, so I am a true believer that we as educators should also receive feedback in order to improve what we do and how we do it.

We received some lovely feedback about how much they were enjoying being part of their new school. Students loved the learning environment, they said it enabled them to learn and achieve their best, they felt that they were challenged, loved the variety of sports and activities on offer and looked forward to the many camps and excursions on offer.

Each new student was allocated a buddy to ensure their transition was smooth and this model has worked well, so well that we will look at buddying up the parents in the future also so they too have someone to help them out and answer their questions.

We are so thankful to all of those students that were buddies to our new students.

ELC Specialist Lesson Program

This week, the ELC Specialist Lesson Program began with great success. Students in the ELC are now experiencing some of the extraordinary lessons our Junior School staff regularly offer. Over the next six weeks, ELC children will be participating in Indonesian and Music lessons, and next Term they will be experiencing lessons in Art, PE and STEM, as well as a visit to the Junior School Centre for Creativity where they will visit the library.

Belair National Park

One of the strategic goals of the Junior School this year is to develop our relationship with the Belair National Park and create unique learning opportunities for each year level in the park. We have already had some fruitful meetings with the Park Rangers and the Natural Resource Management Authority and planned some amazing learning experiences.

In the next few weeks, staff will be holding a professional development session in the park to learn about some of the myriad of learning opportunities that the park offers. Some of these include;

  • Photopoint monitoring before and after planned burning
  • A bioblitz of certain areas of the park
  • Opportunities for students to help solve real life problems in the park and monitor flora and fauna.
  • Recording oral histories of long associated friends of the park
  • Using the latest technology to identify and map certain species
  • We look forward to sharing much of these opportunities and lessons with you throughout the year.

Nicholas Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School