This is a Test Post

By Skylark,

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Use of Digital Technologies in the Middle School

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Our students are developing and employing contemporary skills as a core component of their education. This includes with ICT and the Surface Pros are to allow our students greater scope with their learning than ever before. The devices allow students to collaborate, communicate, think critically on information and create in relevant and new ways. To  … Read more

Sydney ‘Soar & Explore’ Week 2017

By Amanda Bertschinger,

As a part of the Year 10 Explore and Soar Week, a vibrant group of Arts students chose to participate in the Creative Arts Cultural Tour of Sydney. The tour included workshops at the Australian Theatre for Young People, the Brett Whiteley Studio and NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), a tour of the Opera  … Read more

Soaring our way to School!

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Explore and Soar Week Year 10 students and staff have relished a week spent out of their comfort zones. A group went to Mt Hotham and tried their skills at skiing and snowboarding in near-perfect conditions. Another tour party explored the art and drama hotspots of Sydney. A team of boys kayaked the Glenelg River  … Read more

From the P&F

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Parents and Friends held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 22 August, and we are very pleased to welcome two new faces to our committee.  Lauren Robbins, who is currently a Parent Representative in the ELC, has joined us and it is lovely to have some fresh ideas around the table, as well as  … Read more

A busy fortnight in the Junior School!

By Amanda Bertschinger,

On Wednesday August 30 we had Madhavi Nawana Parker speak to our Junior School staff and some of our parent community about Raising Resilient Children. Madhavi is a Behaviour Analyst and published author of Social Emotional Literacy programs. Madhavi believes that healthy relationships are at the core of a person’s well-being and good social emotional  … Read more

Developing empathy at the ELC with Daffodil Day

By Amanda Bertschinger,

It’s a sad fact that half of all Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Thankfully, cancer research has made some extraordinary breakthroughs over the years, and treatments are getting more successful all the time (Cancer Council). By supporting Daffodil Day the Cancer Council can continue to fund it’s vital work  … Read more

What’s happening in Education?

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Our politicians already appear to be in election mode and are making statements about many areas of education. I think that it is important that parents and caregivers have a background to some (if not all!) of the big issues so that we can decide which are most important for the future of our children  … Read more

Innovation and enterprise in the Middle School

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Last week our wonderful new theatre saw a fantastic celebration of creativity, innovation, living beyond yourself, individual passions, problem identification and budding entrepreneurship. I’m not talking about the Parent Choir rehearsal but rather the Y8 Ctrl Alt Design Finals! Run like a New Inventors show, each finalist presented their design, the journey along the way,  … Read more

From the Principal

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Best Wishes Next week is one to look forward to for many of our students. Our 60+ Year 4 – 7 students who are participating in the SAPSASA District Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 23 August and in the Independent Schools Swimming Meet on Thursday 24 August go with our best wishes. All of the Year  … Read more