Secondary Campus Staffing News for 2018

Stephen Daughtry (Father Steve) commenced as our Secondary Campus Chaplain 5 years ago, in 2013. When he became the Rector of The Church of Holy Innocents, it was necessary for Father Steve to reduce his time as Chaplain, and Paula Thorpe joined us to assist in this role. Due to work commitments in 2018, both Father Steve and Chaplain Paula are concluding the role of Secondary Campus Chaplains at the end of this year. Both have been hugely successful and popular with our students and staff. They are great storytellers, connect the words of God to our everyday situations in a way that we can all understand and relate to and they use multi-media presentations that engage us and draw everyone in. They have certainly challenged us and entertained us and will be greatly missed by all. Thank you both and best wishes for your future.

However, their departure is not absolute. Paula will continue to be Junior School Chaplain next year and Father Steve will continue to be involved in our special events.

Our search for a suitable replacement Secondary Campus Chaplain has resulted in Scott Magann being appointed as a Youth Minister on a part-time 12 month contract, with blessings from the Archbishop. Scott is both a registered Teacher and Ordained Minister, and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Ministry and a Masters in Teaching, which he completed in 2015. For many years, Scott has been combining teaching with the role of Chaplain, including 8 years at Scotch College, and we look forward to his spiritual guidance at St John’s Grammar in 2018.

Although Scott’s Bachelor of Ministry is from St Barnabas College and he studied alongside Anglicans, he is not Anglican. As a result, he will be conducting regular chapel services for students, and Father Steve will support us at our major events, such as the Eucharist, during 2018.

We look forward to welcoming Scott to our school community next year.

Cheryl Bauer