My last newsletter for the Junior School

Last Newsletter!

The end of each year (which seem to be coming quicker and quicker!) gives us the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the children, staff and school in general. I am able to reflect on this year and the last ten in fact with great pride. Due to the vision and confidence of the Board and the Principal, Cheryl Bauer, and their great support of the Junior School much development has occurred both physically and academically.  I will reflect on some of the highlights;

  • The Centre for Creativity is an example of collaborative planning where architects have used their knowledge of school pedagogy combined with our local needs to produce a magnificent facility for children to enjoy for years to come. At the same time, the oval space was resurfaced and has provided the Junior School with an all year area for children to play and engage in PE activities.
  • We have been lucky to have our Reception and Year 1 classes refurbished and renovated in recent years. The Rectory was bought and renovated and is now a beautiful part of our newly reconfigured ELC precinct.
  • On the academic side, not only have staff been upskilled and encouraged to continually improve and we now have over half the staff with Masters Qualifications or equivalent.
  • Guided Inquiry has become a key component of the Junior Primary curriculum and the PlayPod has also become a special feature of our school. Our Junior Primary team has worked hard to ensure this has happened.
  • Another distinctive academic feature is the development of our Soaring Pedagogy. The brainchild of Mrs Bauer the IDEAS team has toiled diligently to produce a unique educational phenomenon in a common pedagogical language used from ELC – Year 12.
  • Providing opportunities for student leadership and watching children blossom into young adults is a fantastic by-product of our profession. Attending camps from Nunyara to Canberra has certainly been a personal highlight.

I have been so fortunate to be here to see these developments and have these interactions and will leave with delightful memories of my time here. I will undoubtedly miss the wonderful staff who I have had the privilege to work with. I have relished my time with the children and will miss them dearly. And I will also miss my interactions with the parent body – they have invariably been positive and supportive.

Thank you and farewell.

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School