Year 6 Extension Maths Olympiad Results

What sorts of strategies do you have in your Problem Solving toolbox? The Year 6 Extension Maths class needed to use a range of different strategies such as guess and check, working backwards and looking for a pattern to solve problems in the 2017 Australasian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad.

In Terms 2 and 3, the Year 6 Extension Maths class participated in a problem solving competition along with around
40 000 other students in the Australasian region. Students sat five papers over the course of the two terms. On the intervening weeks, they continued to develop problem solving strategies and shared methods of calculations.

This year, 8 out of 12 students scored in the top 50%. Blake Tourneur (6G) was the highest scorer from our School with an impressive score of 22 out of 25. This also put him in the top 10% of students for the second year in a row. Ashley Hickey (6G) placed in the top 25%.

Karpagha Ramanathan was awarded a Special Encouragement Award. She worked hard to improve her ability to work out questions on the weeks in between competitions and took extra practice sheets home to work on. This practice paid off, and Karpagha improved her scores each week.

Amanda Hinton

Maths Support and Extension Programs