Welcome to the Middle School!

Our 2018 Year 7 cohort

Middle School has always had a head start at St John’s Grammar, commencing with Year 7, rather than Year 8. Earlier this month, the students who are to excitedly start Year 7 next year, spent the day familiarising themselves with the Secondary Campus.

Current Year 6s from both St John’s Grammar Junior School and a variety of other local schools joined together to get to know each other, the campus, teaching staff, house buddies and everything that makes up daily life at the Middle School.

Students were welcomed to the School by their Heads of House, House Captains, Buddies and myself, before exploring the grounds on a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ with their Year 11 Buddies – the perfect way to find their way around the Campus.

After recess, students broke up into their core class groups to take part in a variety of ‘Come and Try Lessons’ – an introduction to some of the classes they will be enjoying next year. During Year 7, every student has the opportunity to try every subject, allowing them to make informed choices when it comes to electing subjects from Year 8. As part of the day they had a sneak peek at Drama, Food Technology, Japanese, PE, and Digital Technology classes.

In addition to all the wonderful things that St John’s can offer these students, we must consider all the things they can offer us. Different schools, backgrounds and experiences continue to build on the diversity of our future Middle School cohort and it is always a delight to get to know these students as they grow.

Ben Clark

Head of Middle School