VET on tap

Recently, we have announced a new learning offering to students, the Certificate III in Child Education Support. This qualification is nationally recognised and is the passport for young people to work as education support officers in Early Learning Centres and after-school care operations. Tabor College of Higher Education, a provider with an excellent reputation for quality and care, will deliver the course.  The course involves a large number of placement hours where students work with education professionals to really get a true understanding and appreciation of the work, a very genuine and authentic learning experience.

VET options have always been presented to students but one of the dilemmas with VET is that all the learning is done off campus. A day is often needed away from the normal school schedule and this does have an impact on some of our kids. The Certificate III in Education Support is being taught on site at St John’s Grammar, with students attending workshops on Thursday afternoons and placement hours being catered for at our Early Learning Centre and Junior Campus. It’s VET on tap!

What makes such a course even more compelling is that it attracts 70 Stage 2 SACE points and can count towards a student’s ATAR.

There have been a number of students and families interested.

Over the next two years, the School will explore similar avenues to offer even more opportunities to add to our already impressive curriculum offering for young people. The criteria for introducing any new course is simple. It must be an area of demand by the kids themselves, a course must open doors to direct employment and further learning, we have to be able to utilise our own School resources and expertise, and the course needs to present in a way that allows students an authentic and engaging experience. With a bit of hard work and good organisation, success will be achieved.

Other areas being explored include Sports, Recreation and Fitness certificates and studies in Hospitality.

Richard Anderson

Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal