School Funding

There are so many myths about the funding of Independent Schools that many people do not know what the truth is. As we move towards elections these myths will be promulgated again, so I would like to pre-arm you with the facts so that you will be able to spot the inaccuracies.

  • All Independent schools are funded by a mix of government and parent contributions.
  • The level of parent contribution, or capacity to pay, is calculated using a Funding Model (ie Gonski). It should follow that schools with the highest fees receive the least Government funding.
  • State Governments provide the majority of funding to Government schools.
  • The Australian Government provides the majority of government funding to Non-Government Schools.
  • In Independent schools parents are a major contributor to their school’s income.

When you are listening to stories about funding try to determine if they are talking about State of Federal funding.

  • Families who choose to send their children to a Non-Government school save the Government purse a substantial amount.
  • All families pay tax and therefore are entitled to have a contribution towards the education of their child.

If ever you are unsure of what is being said or written please don’t hesitate to contact me to clarify your understanding.

Cheryl Bauer