Relay for life

What is my purpose and what do I have to give?

These two questions are explored during the final term of Rite Journey and on Saturday, a team of approximately 40 Year 9 students and their Rite Journey teachers arrived at Belair National Park filled with anticipation to give their all, to find great purpose in their actions, and authentically experience living beyond their self. They were ready to participate in Relay for Life for the very first time!

Tents were quickly erected, faces were painted and after a quick Zumba warm-up, we were all set to join the 15 other teams in relaying around the track for the next 18-19 hours, in support of the Cancer Council’s goal to have a cancer free world for future generations.

We came together to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors, to support those fighting cancer and to pay our respects to those we have lost.

Our students brought so much of themselves to this event. They showed great dedication throughout their fundraising campaign.  They demonstrated humility and care through the very special moments of the 1st lap (that celebrates survivors and carers) and the candlelight ceremony to honour others.  They displayed commitment in continuing to relay throughout the early hours of Sunday morning.  They brought fun, friendship and our strong sense of community to this event, and were so warmly welcomed into the Belair Relay for Life community.

Relay for Life is something we are so excited to be part of again, and look forward to the event becoming a tradition on the St John’s calendar. In our first year, we have raised an impressive total, in excess of $5000 and we sincerely thank our students, their families, our staff,  and the wider community for all their support.

Below is the Relay for Life poem, (written by Molly Thackray) that was read out during the Candlelight ceremony.

We walk around the trackside,

Watching the sun go down.

Gathering people from the country,

And people from the town.


We’re all here for the same reason,

To remember the ones we’ve lost.

Watching the tea lit candles,

Burning on the morning frost.


Thousands of dollars raised,

Throughout the challenging year.

That goes towards the Cancer Council,

So patients can live without fear.


With activities going through the day,

And talents showing through the night.

We give the cancer patients,

The inspiration to fight.


Now as the sun goes down,

And the candle ceremony starts.

We remember the memories we had,

Of the loved ones that passed.

Carlee Mitchell

Head of Health and Personal Development