P&F Update

We are nearing the end of the School year, and P&F are busy making preparations for 2018.  The biggest change for us is involving relocating our storage and Secondhand Uniform shop to a new location in the Junior School.  We are very excited about the possibility of having  a ‘proper’ room with a window that we will be able to use for storage of items such as BBQ equipment and glasses, but also will be a proper ‘shop front’ for Secondhand Uniform sales.  This does involve a large amount of reorganising (and culling!), so that is what we will be doing with our spare time over the next few weeks, and over the Christmas break.  Fingers crossed we can open shop in our new and improved space in 2018!

The Lunchtime Stitching Group in the Junior School is well underway, and Nancy tells me she has a wonderful group of keen sewers who are enjoying learning new skills.  She is also hoping to run a similar group in the Secondary School next year, so if your child will be in years 7-12 and would like to learn stitching and embroidery, you could register their interest directly with Nancy Williams at bohemian.stitchery@gmail.com

There is lots to look forward to in 2018, with plenty of BBQs, social events and of course the Gala Ball.  If you have any suggestions, or would like to be involved with Parents and Friends, please email us on pandf@stjohns.sa.edu.au

Catherine Shepherd

Chairperson, Parents and Friends Committee