Looking back and moving forward

I had the privilege of having morning tea with Dorothy Pargeter, our former Principal who led the expansion of St John’s Junior School to become an E-12 school. I have known her for some time but it was great to reminisce on her early days here and the changes that she made. She was very appreciative and marvelled at the progress and state of the Junior School under Cheryl Bauer’s leadership. One of her aims in the early years was to ensure the School had a comprehensive intake allowing for children with needs to access the School. Her legacy lives on in the strong Learning Support Program here – and she was confident that the School will continue to flourish under Richard Anderson’s leadership.

The Junior School, as you could imagine, is a hive of activity at this time of the year. Excursions, incursions and preparations for the end of year with Graduation, Carols in the Cathedral, just to name a few. Children and staff will be kept busy but it is an enjoyable time of the year.

Last week, we had our Orientation Morning and our children went to their 2018 classes and teachers while our new children joined them with their supportive and friendly buddies. Not all children had all their friends in class with them but they did have at least one of their choices. Most children accept their classes without question, which is a great step in developing resilience a strength of character.

The Year 6 MiSpace exhibition that was held in our Library this week (for internal viewing) was outstanding and worthy of a much larger audience. The children’s foray into entrepreneurial pursuits was truly remarkable. The projects varied from the Scratch (coding) project that was an interactive soccer game that connected to the Surface Pro so that when playing on a board (soccer field), goals registered on the computer (hard to explain but truly remarkable) to a home-made Joke Book, which I loved.  Then there was the Aboriginal painting donated to Harnett House. I assumed on first look, it was a professional artist’s piece but two girls painted it representing their journey through the School. Again just outstanding. There were dozens more, all worthy of great praise. Well done to all.

We still have three important weeks to go this term, so stay cool and dry and enjoy the ride!

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School