Golden Eagle Awards

Awards Night is approaching and this special evening gives the School a chance to salute the amazing efforts and talents of our students. Academic Excellence and Endeavour Awards for each year level are presented. These awards are based on grade point averages on Semester 1 and 2 reports. Typically, the threshold is that a student must achieve more A than B grades to ‘make the cut’. Endeavour Awards are the calculated using the same method for effort grades in those same reports. More ‘1s’ than ‘2s’ gets you in the mix!

The evening is also the perfect opportunity to award subject prizes for our graduating Year 12 students as well as a number of general awards for contributions made in the areas of sport, performing arts, service and learning.

Two years ago we introduced the Golden Eagle Award to replace the Outstanding Student prize. The School felt that we had several outstanding students in every year level and trying to differentiate them was frugal and exclusive. Rather, we defined what outstanding really meant in terms of action and this allowed more students to be recognised for their wonderful achievements.

Candidates for the Golden Eagle Awards are nominated by Heads of House and once nominations have been received we hold a final discussion to ensure consistency and equity. The activities and responsibilities listed in the criteria are ongoing or of a nature that required significant commitment from the student.

The Criteria


  • Achieved an overall GPA of 7.0 or higher for both academic and effort grades for the semester reports.
  • Was involved in the organisation of a school-based service activity or held a leadership position at school and fulfilled that role with distinction or was a participant in a number of service activities in the school.


  • Regularly contributed over the year to House activities and events.
  • Involved in at least two extra and/or co-curricular activities per term and was a valued and reliable participant.


  • Always well presented with both uniform and approach to others.
  • Built positive and supportive relationships with staff, students and others within our school community

Students will be advised well in advance of the evening as to whether they are the recipient of any award and we expect all students to attend the evening (and the rehearsal) so that they can deservedly be recognised in front of a capacity St John’s Grammar audience. Having the opportunity to pay tribute to the students in this way is one of the great joys of the work we do here.

Richard Anderson

Deputy Principal