Our Graduating Class of 2017

This week, our Year 12 students were given a memorable farewell. It all started with class and House celebrations, a Dress Up Day and Valedictory Ceremony on Friday. This is a wonderful group of young people, with terrific families who have contributed so much to the success of the school.

Graduating from school is one of those special milestones of life. Our Seniors now leave a place where so much was done for them, where each day was timetabled to the nearest half hour, where expectations and giving their best were constantly encouraged. It is now time for each of them to set their own agendas and use the things that they have learned over a long period of time to create an exciting and prosperous future.

The staff at the School are proud of this class.

When they were all born, the Secondary Campus had only just begun. Just like them, the School is still finding its feet, grappling with the future, finding its direction. Like the Class of 2017, the School has kicked some goals and also made some mistakes, but it has evolved into something special. That quest to finding new opportunities and pathways to success will always be with us all, no matter what stage of life the students, or the School, is at. I think of our wonderful staff who are retiring, our Principal Cheryl Bauer, our Head of PE and Sport, Craig Johncock, and our Student Careers Counsellor Wendy Edwards. Their involvement in School ends this year but they have already well developed plans for the next stanza of their lives.

Change is a condition of life.

To focus on the future needs a reflection of the past. All the events of this week and graduation helps restore those memories, a compendium of who they shared their final year with and the adventure that it was. At this all-important checkpoint in a young person’s life, I would hope that they spend some time thinking about the past 18 years and think about how far we all have come. Back 18 years ago, Australian Prime Minister John Howard lead a referendum to decide if Australia was to be a republic, our population was 6 million less than it is today and we were just starting to be concerned about border security. The country was in the grip of Olympic fever. Beyond our shores, the Euro was introduced, Bluetooth was the latest technology innovation and Lance Armstrong won the first of his Tour de France titles. Heads of House Isobel and Jess Edwards and Claire Pickering were all in Junior School!  The Old Prac Shack was our Sports Centre and Retreat House was still needing a renovation!

So much has happened, so much growth. Imagine what this terrific group of people can pack in the next 18 years of life!

That is something we all look forward to witnessing!

Richard Anderson
Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal