Term 3 - that's a wrap!

In the blink of an eye another term has flown past.

At the end of each term, I really like to take some time to reflect on all of the highlights and this term there has been many! Excursions to Old Tailem town, the Migration Museum and State Library, Camps, Book Week, Science Week, performances, Grandparents’ days, and not to mention all of the fantastic day to day learning activities that our teachers work so hard to prepare for our children. The end of term is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your child and ask them what their favourite thing was about the past couple of months of learning.

My personal favourites have occurred in the last couple of weeks. The Elder Hall Concert last Thursday was an absolute highlight for me. It gave our students in Years 3 – 6 many opportunities to SOAR and I would like to especially thank Mrs Jenny Chapman, our Junior School Music Coordinator, for all the hard work she put in to developing such a fantastic evening. I would also like to thank all of our band, string and choir staff that helped make the performances as polished as they were. Thank you should also go to the Secondary Staff that helped.

My other favourite was the Jump Rope for Heart ‘Jump Off’ held last Friday. On a perfect day for such an event, the whole School was out at the same time being active and having fun with their buddies. Over the past few weeks it has been great to see so many students skipping and developing their fitness and coordination. Thank you to Mr Simon Laube for organising the Jump Rope for Heart demonstration, ‘Jump off’ and fundraiser.

So, as you go home on the last day of school or as you get a quiet moment in the holidays, ask your child what their favourite thing was about Term 3. Iā€™d love to hear all about what the students enjoyed most and I am sure our staff would too.

Nicholas Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School