Holiday Ideas

Following what seems to have been a long, cold and wet winter it would be great to enjoy quality time with your family.

During the upcoming holidays you may be looking for some activities to share with the family if you’re not at work and the children at Vacation Care.

Here are some indoor and outdoor activities to inspire you all. As well as visits to the museum, art galleries, Botanic Gardens and Parks or the Adelaide and Monarto zoos you might like to try some of these ideas:

  • Go camping in the garden or backyard, or even just in the living room.
  • Plant vegetables.  Use a variety of containers for pots. Choose something that grows fast and start on the first day of holidays, so the children can see them grow each day.
  • Build and fly a kite. When did you last fly a kite?
  • Dig for fossils. Bury a bunch of cheap dinosaur toys in the yard or garden and give everyone a spade for digging.
  • Write a story with your kids. Get them interested in writing and literature. Its fun to take turns with each page so the story is REALLY interesting.
  • Start a holiday journal.
  • Make masks and dress ups from recycled materials.
  • Have a movie day and hire a few kids DVD’s.
  • Ice work. Chipping coloured ice, watching ice melt, setting something special in the ice first like flowers or fruit.
  • Freeze coloured ice to write/paint with on paper.
  • Experiment with sprinkled salt and drip food colouring on a block of ice.
  • Write a play! You can let the children make all the costumes and sets for the play.
  • Visit the adventure playground and take a few sausages to go on the BBQ.
  • Get a small face painting kit and spend the day painting the kids’ faces.
  • Visit the National Park Nursery and Gift Shop.
  • Build a sandcastle.
  • Make a pretend beach at your house with beach shelters, beach towels and blow up toys.
  • Build a Cubby House – Do you remember building a cubby using sheets and furniture? Pegs and bulldog clips hold bits and pieces together well. Pillows, blankets and a torch add to the fun.
  • Cook dinner/lunch together.
  • Move Furniture – The children can decide where furniture moves to, if they can do it themselves. A great opportunity to clean some hidden corners and by the end of the holidays you may or may not want to return everything ready for the new term.
  • Thread anything you can find – pasta, shells, buttons, beads. Try threading onto an array of threads from laces, string, pipecleaners etc.
  • Enjoy a picnic – Either at home or the beach or at a park. As a family start with the planning, shopping, cooking and then the picnic.
  • Plan a treasure hunt. Hide clues around the house or garden and give your children a treasure map to start out with.
  • Go for a bike ride! Simple, yet surprisingly fun.
  • Have a fashion show. Let the kids wear some of your blouses and dresses and have them parade down the runway.
  • Sort out the button jar or make designs with the range of buttons (keep away from little babies).
  • Be a detective. Either set up a mystery, or just give the kids magnifying glasses and clipboards to hunt for clues.
  • Build a Cubby House outside. Collect a heap of large cardboard boxes and open them to join into each other, creating children’s size rooms and corridors.
  • Experiment with food colouring. Set up jars of water with different colours and dip in vegetables, flowers; make musical instruments from jars with varying amounts of water.
  • Paint outside in old clothes or bathers onto BIG paper. Hose down after.
  • Invite friends over.
  • Hide and seek is always fun. Play at night with a torch in the dark to make it extra thrilling.
  • Do some literacy painting with water using a bucket and flat paint brush.
  • Nature hunt to collect different items. Make a list and specify how many you find of each item.
  • Go on a Koala hunt.
  • Make a collage or sculpture of items collected on your nature walk.
  • Train your brains! Memory games are a change from a computer screen.
  • Enjoy afternoon tea. Invite teddies, friends or family for a cuppa. Creating the invitation is another facet to this pastime. As a child we made milk and sugar tea parties. Sometimes a mud pie can be inviting.
  • Visit a library. Don’t forget your local library has great activities planned or go and enjoy the range of resources provided.

If you can’t find the perfect idea here do a little research on the internet and the local paper. There are some fantastic school holiday venues and excursions, and not all of them are expensive.

  • South Australian Government Site- Free things to do in South Australia with Kids
  • Nature Play – Wild Imagination Sunday 1 October and Wednesday 4 October
  • “Inside the brick” Lego model exhibition & interactive play event, 13 & 14 October.
  • Mickster the Trickster Saturday 7 October at Mitcham Cultural Village.

Keep an eye out on the parents Facebook page too – there will be some information posted there soon about local activities over the school holidays that you may enjoy.

From the ELC Team