Helping our students through the last few weeks of Year 12

As the countdown towards the last days of lessons prior to the SWOT VAC period approaches for Year 12s, I was reminded of being a Year 12 parent a few years ago.  Consulting with a few Year 12s this year – I had them offer their knowledge of what their parents or carers have been doing to help them get through;

So to the Year 12 parents amongst you and for future ones to come – here are some ideas from the insiders;

  • Give us space
  • Dad cooking a good bbq more than he usually does
  • Having a full fridge (all the time!)
  • Chocolate
  • Not assuming that when I’m on my phone I’m slacking off
  • Driving me to sports practice – sometimes ….so I do not have to always catch the bus.
  • You would not believe I am saying this but – cutting internet access so I get sleep (but not during the day – it did work – as much as I do not want to admit it!)
  • Not making me pack the dishwasher (clocking up the hours to do them after the exams)
  • Asking me what helps
  • Not stressing – not checking that I am working or following my study plan.
  • Working and having a part time job – it is a good distraction!
  • Giving up my part time job – I could not get less shifts.
  • Letting me sit in bed and study
  • Having the study plan on my wall above my desk or next to my bed
  • Sleep – yes lots for me – sometimes mum sends me a message to get up – that’s OK
  • Tell your friends to please not ask me, “What are you going to do after Year 12?”

So no doubt you can add to this as there’s probably something you’re doing that’s not on it.

Carolyn Markey

School Counsellor