Congratulations to our Tournament of Minds Team!

St John’s Grammar is unique in many ways. The programs we offer here are outstanding. Our Learning Support Program is second to none (and I can speak with a great deal of authority as I was in charge of the Independent Schools’ Special Needs Hub Group for over 20 years). Our Learning Teams program also stands out helping children to develop at their own rate and to delve into topics at a much deeper level. Thinking Skills too, are imbued throughout the curriculum and it is the combination of all these things that lead to such great results in the Tournament Of Minds (TOM) competition. This is a problem solving competition where hundreds of schools across all sectors come together to test their skills in higher order thinking. It is no coincidence that we have done so well over the years and this year was no exception. Joyanne Gardner, teacher extraordinaire, has lead yet another team (two in fact) to success.

Our Language/Literature Team consisting of Poppy Bryans, Adam Gleadle, Annecy Morrison, Mia Handley, Tom Donaghey, Hannah Kelley and  Alice Moodie won Tournament Honours as did our English/Mathematics team of; Zoe Leslie, Olivia Graham, Raghav Siam, Blake Tourneur, Sienna Mansell, Issy Cuthill and Billie Sandercock. Congratulations to all involved!

Our Junior Hall Concert held at Elder Hall is just around the corner and children from Years 3-6 will display their talents along with some of our very talented staff. Mrs Jenny Chapman again has forged a great and exciting program for all to enjoy.

Stay healthy!

Frank Ali

Head of Junior School