Holiday Ideas

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Following what seems to have been a long, cold and wet winter it would be great to enjoy quality time with your family. During the upcoming holidays you may be looking for some activities to share with the family if you’re not at work and the children at Vacation Care. Here are some indoor and  … Read more

The CANVAS Trailblazers

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Last week, a committed and talented group of teachers established, ‘The CANVAS trailblazers’. The group is charged with advancing the ideas and skills of others using this Learning Management and Communication system that the school introduced this year. Another sub-group, led by our new Leader of Learning and the Curriculum, Ramon Bartholomeusz, and our new  … Read more

From the P&F

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Ladies, I hope you have seen the advertising material for our annual Mums’ Night, coming up at the end of Week 1 Term 4. The theme is, ‘Gin in the Spring’ and will be held upstairs at the Stirling Hotel on Friday 20 October at 7pm. The cost is $35 per ticket, and includes a  … Read more

Term 3 – that’s a wrap!

By Amanda Bertschinger,

In the blink of an eye another term has flown past. At the end of each term, I really like to take some time to reflect on all of the highlights and this term there has been many! Excursions to Old Tailem town, the Migration Museum and State Library, Camps, Book Week, Science Week, performances,  … Read more

Pedal Prix success!

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Last week saw the conclusion of the 2017 Pedal Prix season, with the team competing in the 24-hour race at Murray Bridge. Students from Years 6 – 10 participated in the event, and worked together throughout the night to get some excellent lap times, with our fastest lap time going to Mitchell Keegan in Year  … Read more

Some News for Current Parents

By Skylark,

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The Year 9 Rite Journey Camp

By Amanda Bertschinger,

Spending last week in the Flinders Ranges with the Year 9 students has really helped me appreciate the importance of this unique experience in our education program. The camp builds on the work done in Rite Journey classes and is designed to push students out of their comfort zones, to encourage a sense of team  … Read more

Year 9 Camp and Lord Mayor visit

By Amanda Bertschinger,

This week, our Year 9s have had a little more confidence in their step and been noticeably more connected within the cohort. This growth has stemmed from their camp last week in the Flinders Ranges and its link with The Rite Journey. Throughout the year, The Rite Journey has provided the students with a series  … Read more

A teacher and parent perspective on building resilience

By Amanda Bertschinger,

On Wednesday 30 August, ELC teachers attended a Junior School staff meeting for a presentation on the importance of building resilience in children by Madhavi Nawana Parker. Her message is such an important one and as a teacher and parent I found myself immediately inspired and committed to trying some of her suggestions and tips.  … Read more