What's happening in Education?

Our politicians already appear to be in election mode and are making statements about many areas of education. I think that it is important that parents and caregivers have a background to some (if not all!) of the big issues so that we can decide which are most important for the future of our children and our country, rather than just relying on the headlines.

There are many issues that have already been discussed and many more will be raised. In this issue I want to respond to the claim that Australian History must not be abolished.

Australian History in South Australia is not being abolished as a subject from the curriculum. The National Curriculum, ACARA, has Australian History embedded in many different year levels from Reception to Year 10 resulting in all students developing a broad knowledge of our history. This was not the case in the past.

The SACE Board is the body that is responsible for Year 11 and 12 curriculum. It has observed that the numbers studying Year 12 History have been steadily declining and last year there were only about 12 students enrolled in it. Rather than abolishing Australian History entirely, it has woven it into Modern History and may be selected as one of the topics that is studied during the year.

At St John’s Grammar, there are many examples of how Australian History is embedded into our curriculum – visits to Old Tailem Town, the Goldfields trip, the School’s Reconciliation Action Plan, trips to the APY lands and the range of subjects available to our Middle and Senior School students highlight this.

The result of these changes means that graduates from schools now, have a far greater knowledge of Australian History than in the past.

Coming Events

The program of experiences for our students continues to enrich their lives and assist them to Learn to Soar. The events to look forward to are;

  • The Year 9 Camp to Wilpena Pound from 4 – 8 September.
  • Junior School Tournament of Minds at Flinders Uni – 10 September
  • Year 1 excursion to Tailem Bend – 15 September
  • Junior School Elder Hall Concert – 21 September
  • Pedal Prix at Murray Bridge – 23 -24 September
  • Year 5 Goldfields Tour – 25-29 September
  • Cabaret Night Fever at Norwood Town Hall – 27 – 29 September (tickets available here)

I hope that you can be part of some of these.

Cheryl Bauer